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Track the performance of the traffic you buy online.
Create new campaigns and manage your monetization efforts.
Improve your marketing spend for every click you purchase.
Manage lead flow with powerful tracking tools.
Lead Generator
Optimize your digital marketing campaigns.
If so, we can boost your digital marketing campaigns
Real-Time Lead Distribution
Instantly rout leads to your buyers through customizable, weighted filters
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Complete Campaign Management
Set up a new campaign in minutes to redirect your traffic to a specific offer’s landing page
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Multiple Delivery Methods
Post leads through a variety of delivery options, including XML, JSON, email, HTTP post, and SOAP.
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Payout Models
Manage payout amounts dynamically according to your filters and pay what the lead is worth
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advanced billing
Process payments through a complete accounting dashboard
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Form Building
Create high-converting lead generation forms that are easy to implement
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Ongage offers a front-end solution for managing multiple email service providers, SMTP relays and infrastructures, and on-premise MTAs.
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We provide an innovative platform for lead management. Our all-in-one, web-based system can be used for campaign setup, lead distribution, data capture, marketing, and more.
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