Bring your subscribers back to your site using highly targeted messages.
Plan and execute your push campaign with smart remarketing tools.
Quickly send push notifications based on new posts in your RSS feed
Real-Time Tracking
See how your notifications perform in real time
Targeting Rules
Send by geolocation, signup URL, or time zone.
Notification Drip
Schedule a series of automatic messages reminding customers to return to your site and convert.
Schedule Notifications
Set your message to go out when your subscribers are most likely to see it.
In-depth Analytics
Review daily stat reports on push performance and subscriber changes.
Custom Opt-In
Customize your opt-in box to increase your subscribe rate.
Dynamic Previewer
See what your notification will look like when it is live.
Automatic Segmentation
Have subscriber lists created for you automatically.
Big Image in notifications
Make your notifications stand out and increase your click rates
Triggered Notifications
Reach customers with targeted messaging after they trigger an event on your site (e.g., 30 minutes after abandoning a shopping cart or form).
API Access
Combine your data with our platform to create unique experiences for your customers.
One-Click Unsubscribe
Add a button to your site to let users easily unsubscribe from your Push Notification list.
Emoji Support
Set your notifications apart with eye-catching ideograms and smileys.
Time-Zone Based Scheduling
Send according to the recipient’s time zone and at a time and date of your choosing.
A/B Testing (In Progress)
Increase CTR by sending personalized messages to subscribers who meet certain criteria.
Customer Targeting
Increase CTR by sending personalized messages to subscribers who meet certain criteria.
Marketing Intelligence
Adjust your campaigns with the help of real-time performance data.
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