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Why Rack with Us?

We provide an innovative platform for lead management. Our all-in-one, web-based system can be used for campaign setup, lead distribution, datacapture, marketing, and more.

What Can You Get with Adrack?

With Adrack’s all-in-one marketing platform, users can quickly and easily set up campaigns, capture and distribute prospects, and send and manage push notifications for customized re-engagement campaigns. Automatic segmentation makes it easy to analyze data and reach the right audiences with your messages.

Our Marketing Platform’s Capabilities

Lead Distribution

As part of our dynamic campaign management system, we offer a host of lead distribution services and tools.
We can help you enhance and automate everything from lead generation to distribution and beyond, with intuitive tools and powerful insights about your traffic to help you increase profits and run better campaigns.
Our platform puts you a step ahead by taking care of all the details and giving you the best tools to manage your campaign with less effort, and better results, every time.

Call and Click Management Systems

Our dynamic call and click management systems include advanced reporting features and easy-to-use ad link creators, making it easy to manage your calls and clicks in the same dashboard where you can track your campaigns.
You can know where all of your leads are coming from and which ones are most effective for your bottom line.
You will also be able to use the advanced reports to segment your potential customers and improve your lead generation and distribution efforts.

Web Push Notifications

Today’s consumer wants targeted, personalized service. Push notifications are the latest marketing trend to cater to that goal. With Adrack, you can create dynamic web push notifications and campaigns to keep users engaged.

The simple-to-implement JavaScript code allows you to integrate this feature into your website in minutes, almost instantly allowing you to create and send custom messages in real time.

What Sets Adrack’s Marketing Platform Apart?

Adrack offers easy integration and provides a user-friendly setup process that only takes a matter of minutes. You don’t have to spend hours downloading and installing software, uploading templates, or trying to figure out how to integrate your lead management or push notifications into your site. Just a few clicks and a little bit of code is all it takes.

Adrack has a host of tools and features that are designed for dynamic campaign management, including:

  • Intelligent, automated lead distribution
  • Automatic and custom traffic filtering options
  • Multi-source traffic
  • Automatic subscriber organization and segmentation
  • Notification previews for push campaigns
  • Scheduled and real-time push notification services
  • Complete lead management from generation to re-engagement and conversion
  • Valuable traffic and user insights
  • Payout management system
  • Easy campaign setup
  • API access for other report and application integrations

One of the biggest aspects of any lead generation campaign is making sure leads are valid and appropriately sourced. Fortunately, the Adrack platform has built-in authentication features for lead generation and distribution. That means that before any of your leads are distributed, they will be validated by the system for legitimacy.