Lead Distribution: Understanding Adrack’s Performance-Driven Technology

Adrack handles every aspect of your lead distribution and campaign management, including providing real-time distribution through a variety of delivery methods. This allows users to get more out of their digital marketing campaigns from the start. Plus, it provides valuable insight with real-time tracking to identify which leads are truly driving effective traffic. From advertisers to publishers, and even buyers, our lead distribution platform helps build and manage successful digital marketing campaigns.

What is Lead Distribution?

Lead routing is the process of sending incoming leads to an appropriate salesperson. When done manually, a sales manager must check every lead before sending it to a team member. An automated distribution program can create a seamless process of capturing leads from various sources and distributing them automatically, making sure that the right team member receives the correct information.

Companies that utilize lead distribution software are often better at keeping track of their leads, leaving fewer (if any) unanswered. Most teams can contact leads faster when using a lead distribution system. Efficiency may increase as leads go to the salesperson with the most relatable expertise, similar prospects, and open schedule. These are just some of the considerations the software can make when routing leads to an appropriate salesperson.

Lead distribution is especially useful for sales teams scattered over a large geographic area, as leads coming in at off-hours in a team leader’s area can automatically route to other areas that may be on the clock. Sales managers may see their workload decrease as the software takes over assigning leads.

The Importance of Quality Lead Distribution

Upgrading to automated lead distribution gives businesses as much as a 10 percent increase in revenue, as customers are nine times more likely to convert if contacted for follow-up within five minutes of the initial inquiry or lead generation.

Quality lead management and distribution systems can offer:

Avoidance of human error

How many times have you accidentally overlooked a lead, or even worse assigned it to more than one person for a follow-up?

Automatic lead distribution takes the human element out of the equation, creating quality lead follow-up, and improving your business image.

Higher-quality leads

You no longer have to spend hours sorting through leads to find the best ones. Automated software combs through all incoming leads to ensure that they are worthwhile before sending them onto the sales team.

You can trust that every lead that comes in is worth following up on with a quality leaddistribution system.

Increased accuracy

Targeting specific customers or generating leads for specific sales people is simple with an automated system. You can create specific groups of leads and assign them to individuals for distribution, or pick and choose which person gets what type of lead one by one.
This way, the right people are getting the right leads, which translates to easier sales.

Accurate revenue tracking

The sales team no longer has to argue over who closed which lead or what generated the sale to ensure the right person is paid.

The automated platform built into Adrack includes a revenue attribution system that maps exactly where leads came from andwhich ones generated the most revenue.

  • Why Advertisers Use Adrack’s Lead Distribution Software

    Using Adrack can help advertisers create highly profitable campaigns. Adrack will help advertisers build, test, and manage their offers and landing pages. They can also validate leads,distribute leads through various platforms, and utilize tracking features to monitor conversions, sourcing, and other traffic patterns. Tracking the performance of purchased online traffic allows advertisers to ensure they are spending their money wisely. Adrack can assist with a variety of lead distribution services and campaign management solutions for advertisers, including the option for custom distribution pages and individual lead validation prior to distribution. Users will be able to post leads to databases, CRMs, autoresponders, and other systems, and track distributed leads and marketing campaigns for more accurate campaign management.

  • Why Publishers Use Adrack’s Lead Distribution Software

    Publishers enjoy Adrack for many of the same reasons as advertisers. The convenience of being able to manage and create new distribution and marketing campaigns with an automated distribution system is a big selling point for many. Our platform also allows publishers to create new monetization efforts, identify quality leads for new campaigns, and track the monetization tomake sure that campaigns are successful.
    Rather than relying on leads for a single sale, publishers can use Adrack to distribute leads to drip campaigns and autoresponders to create an ongoing stream of leads. Plus, users can manage payouts with dynamic models and utilize advanced billing features for complete accounting in one place. Plus, leads can be posted through XML, email, SOAP, HTTP post, and many others, with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to manage campaigns.

Deliver Leads Your Way

Adrack gives advertisers, publishers, agencies, and data owners the resources to generate, validate, manage, and distribute leads automatically and in real-time.

Our software empowers users to fully automate the entire process of lead management and distribution and customize their campaigns to maximize returns and create a process that works for their needs. With fully-customizable lead distribution systems and a full suite of other features and tools, Adrack makes managing and distributing leads easy.

Lead generators love our software, too. You might know the ins and outs of generating traffic across multiple verticals, but do you have a system to validate and assign leads? 

The back-end features of this software can provide real-time validation and custom assignment of generated leads based on the rules that you set forth. Then, the leads are delivered based on your guidelines, and you can focus your energy elsewhere, knowing your distribution management is fully-automated and under control.

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Protect Your Leads

With Adrack’s integrated fraud detection services, you can prevent fraudulent leads from sneaking into your campaigns and wreaking havoc. Not only will you be able to validate leads for accuracy, but you will be able to trust that any suspicious leads are automatically removed from your database.

You might think that you know where your leads are coming from, but do you really? If you get leads from any partner that hosts their own form for collecting data, you may be at riskfor lead fraud. The host of the form is entirely responsible for the collection of information. All that you can do is hope that they are providing reputable, quality leads as they promise. With a system like Adrack, you can validate all incoming leads prior to distribution, to ensure that you are only chasing down qualified prospects.

Worse than chasing leads that are nonexistent or that have no real value to your business, your company itself could be accused of lead fraud by working with a partner that participates in unsavory lead collection processes. Even working with trustworthy partners isn’t a surefire guarantee, because their own sources might utilize these tactics without sharing their methods. It’s better to have a backup in place for independent lead authentication, and when you choose Adrack, you can automate the validation process to save yourself a lot of time and hassle. At Adrack, we’re all about integrated solutions for managing your digital campaigns. Our system incorporates the best elements of automated distribution with other popular services, including web push notifications, to give you the resources that you need in one place. Check out our demo for yourself and see what Adrack can do for you.

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