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Monetize Your Traffic with
Web Push Ads Network

Using our free push notification platform, we can advertise to your customers after they leave your website. When you sign up with Adrack Web Push Ads Network, we will send offers to your subscribers and split the profits with you. We help you further monetize your traffic through our large network of affiliate offers to increase your earning potential.

The Adrack Web Push Ads Network is free to use. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Make money off your visitors even after they leave your website or blog.
  • Choose offer categories that you think will perform the best with your traffic type.
  • See personalized reports on your Ads Network income.

More customers click on push notifications than emails. With Web Push Ads Network, more clicks mean more income. Simply add a couple of lines of code to your site to get started.

Sending Targeted Ads to Your
Website Visitors

With Adrack Web Push Ads Network, we send affiliate offers to your website visitors, even after they leave your site. Every time one of your visitors opts in to receive notifications, we will start sending them offers from our wide network of affiliates. You can choose which categories you think will perform the best. The notification shows up in a prominent place on their desktop or mobile screen, making it a great marketing tool for today’s digital customer.

It’s Easy to Get Started with the Adrack Web Push Ads Network

Having a solid remarketing plan in place is important. When you have a way to convert your customers after they leave your site, then you open up a new revenue source that is sure to boost ROI.

With Adrack Web Push Pro, you can send updates and advertisements to your website or blog users by just clicking a button. And with the Adrack Web Push Ads Network, we send partner offers on your behalf and share the profit with you.

How Do I Start Making Money?

Sign up for free. We will send you a script and tell you where to place it. After the appropriate code is added to your website, each new user will see a customized opt-in inviting them to sign up to receive notifications. All they need to do is click a button to become a subscriber. After they opt-in, we can start sending them targeted ads from our network of affiliate offers. You make money as your subscribers take advantage of the offers.

5 Reasons to Use Push Marketing

  • Make Money with Affiliate Offers

    We can target your subscribers with offers that make sense for your website’s vertical.

  • Integration is Easy

    All you need to do is add a little code to your site. Many of our clients are able to add the code to their site in minutes. This means you could start generating subscribers today.

  • You Don’t Need an App

    Because our push notification platform works through your website and the customer’s browser, you do not need to have an app to get subscribers or to send notifications.

  • Our Dashboard is User-Friendly

    You can get a quick look at your push performance by logging into your dashboard.

  • Adrack Web Push Ads Network is Free

    You don't need to pay to be a part of Adrack Web Push Ads Network. Join us for free and we will pay you for your traffic.

Make Money with Web Push Ads Network

Push notifications can help you take your website or blog monetization to the next level. When you sign up with our Ads Network plan, you can just sit back and follow reports about your traffic converting into profit with our affiliate offers.


No credit card required. No long-term commitments.

How to Use
Web Push Pro

Push notifications aren’t just for pushing sales and promotions. In fact, although consumers do love a good deal, the most effective uses of these notifications seem to be informational in nature. Think about your social media pages. Occasionally, you might promote a product or special offer. Most of the time, though, you are interacting with customers and peers, sharing industry news, and providing a face for your business that helps build trust and authority with your audience. You need to use push messages the same way.

You can use push notifications to:

  • Share breaking news related to your business or industry
  • Notify people of upcoming local or online events
  • Let users know about new products and services

Of course, these notifications are proving quite effective for reminding users about abandoned shopping carts and providing discounts. If you really want to make the most of them, though, you have to get creative.

How to use web push

Send Web Push Notifications to Your
Visitors Today

Web push notifications are the latest in a trend of finding ways to reach out to users who interacted with your brand in the past. These nifty opt-ins allow you to send a notification to a user through their mobile device or browser. The notification will then show up in the corner of the desktop screen, or on a mobile device, it will pop up on the lock screen or home screen display. This is a great marketing tool for a number of reasons, but the simplicity of it is one of the features that people love most.

With Web Push Notifications,
It’s Personal

It is important to craft personalized messages that cater to a specific user’s history or preferences.

That means looking at your customers’ shopping history, browsing history, and abandoned cart items, as well as the data automatically stored in your Adrack account. Find ways to use that information to reach back out and reconnect with these notifications.When you have a personalized, highly-targeted offer for a customer, they are more likely to respond.

Can Anyone Use This Tool?

Adrack makes push messaging easy with our web-based platform, and can offer plenty of benefits for customers across a variety of industries and areas of business. These notifications aren’t just for online retailers. In fact, many of the companies that have been successful with these campaigns don’t even use the messages to push a sale or promotion. Airlines use these notifications to remind customers when it’s time to check in, and notify them of flight changes. They might also send occasional pushes regarding special offers and sales.

Five Benefits of Push Marketing with Adrack

  • Increased Conversions and Click-Through Rates

    Push campaigns give your customer a second chance to convert to a sale. These notifications stand out more than email or SMS campaigns and have a higher click-through ratio than most other similar marketing tools. Retargeting your customers allows you to keep your best customers happy and increase your audience by connecting on a personal level with web push notification messages.

  • No Need for Apps or SMS

    With push campaigns, your users don’t need to download an app or agree to SMS marketing campaigns. You don’t have to add another tool or feature in order to get your audience’s attention. These messages stand on their own and are sent to users as a separate creative. They simply show up on the screen, allowing the user to return to your website easily. They don’t have to open an app, log in, or take any other extra steps. It’s easy for you to set up and easy for your customers to agree to.

  • Choose Real-Time or Scheduled Push Messages

    Adrack offers an intuitive push notification system that allows you to create automated messages that are delivered in real-time, along with campaigns that you can schedule for pre-determined times or circumstances. That will allow you to automate most of your marketing campaign, chiming in with important real-time information through browser push notifications and mobile notifications as needed. Plus, you can schedule notifications for specific target audiences or customers, and create your own rules, exceptions, and marketing messages for all of your notifications. You can even preview every notification before scheduling or sending to ensure it is optimized for mobile and desktop delivery.

  • Easy Integration

    Setting up push campaigns with Adrack is easy. Once you sign up and create your account, we’ll give you the JavaScript code that you need to embed into your website to prompt users to allow notifications. Don’t worry about coding, because it’s only a few lines of code and we’ll tell you exactly how to integrate it into your website. Even if you’ve never coded anything before, you can configure your site to prompt for push notification permissions in just a few minutes.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

    Through the easy-to-use dashboard, you can manage all of your subscribers and organize them into appropriate categories. You can also view and organize them by visit date, source page, or their geolocation so that they are properly categorized for future push message campaigns. Adrack offers a variety of campaign management tools, including lead distribution and more. Manage it all in one place with our user-friendly platform.

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No credit card required. No long-term commitments.

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